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Eating paw paws


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Eating Paw Paws

Lismore NSW, Australia- helpx
Yesterday morning I took a picture of my breakfast. Confession.. It drives me crazy when people post pictures of food on facebook. I mean really what is this odd phenomenon about. Don't get me wrong I love food and I love the way it will sit all lovely and aesthetically on a plate right before being eaten. However, if I am not there to directly participate in the experience of the meal than I do not give a tea tree twig about what you had for dinner this morning. Anyway back to my plate and my picture, which I have now banned myself from posting on facebook.
I am still staying with the lovely Julie in the town of Lismore and in Julie’s backyard, (not far from where the giant python lives) is a paw paw tree, or what we call strawberry papayas. I had noticed them when I first arrived but the were all green, then last evening I spotted a clump of yellow ones and a ladder. this morning I grabbed the ladder and the cute lesbian that lives under the python in the back of the property; to hold the ladder of course, and Tada I am eating a paw paw for my breakfast on my first 11 11 day, which delights me silly! I am truly amazed at them abundance of friut. I am not sure I would have believed that there was so much rainforest in Australia with out seeing it for myself. The other day Julie had a ladies luncheon and one of the guests were saying that 80 percent of Australia is desert, but I have yet to see anything other than georgeous beaches, lush green country sides, and tropical forests. Maybe in a few weeks I will rent a camper van and drive into the outback. I would like to go mining or (fosiliking) as I was corrected, while I am here. Australia is supposed to be the only place that has a rare type of opal known as black opal andcits atvacplace called lightening ridge. I would like to go out in search for it. That is a bit off, for today Julie and I are going to take drive through the country side, have lunch at a pecan farm. Then I will spend some time with her son Toby. Toby and I a working on his computer and setting it up to make it easier to see. He is great company with a wicked sense of humor. In the evening I will stroll in to the town of Lismore for a bit of 11 11 music.

Then tomorrow I am going to visit a koala perverse and lay eyes for the fuzzy little creatures for the first time.
Hope you are all full of joy on this fine 11/11 day of yours

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Tasting Vegemite

Day 6
Burleigh Heads. Queensland

Tasting Vegemite
I think I am in love and no not with Vegemite, with this massive country Australia. I am starting to leave behind the frustration of not having the Internet at my fingertips. I have had to create a things to look up list when I have access again. For example there was this snake on the waterfall walk yesterday that was so fascinating and I can not help but think it rather dangerous because I had never before seen a snake act so aggressively. It was a wee bit of a thing smaller than a ruler, dark drown in color with a flat head and a yellow band around its neck, and the odd thing was that it was looking for a fight. It was swinging it's head back and forth and once moved toward the lovely Servas host Denise, whom I was staying with. We let it be for some time but it would not get out of the path. Then when Denise stomped her feet to get it to move it still carried on like rocky the boxer. This was all part of a truly perfect that included a hike to three waterfalls.

This morning however I woke feeling a bit under the weather. Denise asked if I would like to stay an extra day and I was thrilled not to have to travel. This also left me with a chance to plan for the upcoming week. I knew I would like to be in the same place for a week or two and have thought about renting a room near Byron bay, the eastern most point of the coast. However I Have had such an amazing first experience with Servas, that I would like to try the other organization I joined called help x. I also want time enough to experience what is a very big day here in Australia tomorrow, the Melbourne
cup. Lets get back to the Vegemite though. Australians are crazy about Vegemite I am finding out.

I am going to take a poll to find out how many Australians do not like it but I suspect I won't be able to find many. I think it would be most unpatriotic to not like the stuff. So what is this Australian delicacy, well right on the jar is the word Kraft. Really Kraft makes Vegemite!! I have to be honest, I am quite sure I will not like it, from all the descriptions I have been giving, it sounds really quite vile. A salty yeast paste, part brewers yeeast part what??. I open the jar and find a thick dark drown gooey substance that smells rather like sardines. This is no Nutella as the Germans have. From what I have heard this Australian staple, this national symbol of yummy goodness is often eaten plain on toast. Personally, I love avocado and toast or rice cake so I decide to mellow out the effect and try a smear under my avocado topped off with lemon. So.. Well I am Enjoying my breakfast over an idllyvic lake view and breezy palm trees. I take my first bite and... Hmmm it is not the least bit vile, in fact it adds a bit of salty smoothness to my normal breakfast, but wait arg what is that snake bite aftertaste, after a few more bites I get used to that also. Okay the stuff is actually not that bad. Maybe underneath my bug bitten, sunburned skin, and Rudolf red nose, I am becoming a bit Australian after all.

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